Welcome to Vioolstudio Diana in Hilversum!

Do you want to learn to play the violin in a friendly relaxed atmosphere? I love teaching the violin on all levels. Young or old, beginner or advanced. I create a lesson program that is tailored to your needs, all pupils are different. The most important is pure enjoyment of playing

Beginners can expect the following:

Mastering placement of the fingers in the first hand position. Right hand bow hold and bowing straight. Learn to read notes. After two years of lessons you can play in an orchestra such as the Gooise Youth Orchestra. Always playing together during the lesson with piano accompaniment or two violins. Cheerful violin books from Fiddle Time with recordings that you can play along with. Take part in festive violin concerts that I organise. A lot of laughter but not in detriment to the learning process. It is important to play regularly at home.

Advanced players can expect the following:

Mastering all the left hand positions. Producing a beautiful sound, vibrato. Different bow techniques such as spiccato, portato and martele. Interpretation of different music styles. Attention to a relaxed posture. Huge choice of repertoire from baroque to contemporary. Participate in festive violin concerts organised by me. Play in the Amersfoorts Youth Orchestra, Cuypers Ensemble or student orchestra. Versatility and humour are very important aspects of the lessons.


Trial lesson €25 (free if you continue)

40 lessons every year, 1 month cancellation period also in first year. No lessons during school holidays. There are lessons on all national holidays.

Example: You cancel lessons in April, you can have lessons up to the end of May. The last direct debit is the end of May.

1/2 hour :                     € 85 per month      (students 21 years and older VAT 21%)
45 minutes:               € 127.50 per month
1 hour:                          € 170 per month

I work with direct debit, your bank account is debited monthly. There is a method of spread payment, the year fee is divided by 12 months. You are obliged to pay for your agreed lesson time. Under exceptional circumstances your lesson time can be moved if another pupil cancels.  This is possible up to two weeks after your missed lesson and cannot be guaranteed.

An incidental lesson costs:

1/2 hour   € 25.50
3/4 hour  € 39
1 hour       €51

Where do I find a violin?
You hire a violin from Tanja Brandon in Hilversum.

When can I start/stop with violin lessons?

At any moment of the year. There is a cancellation period of 1 month. If you would like to stop just before the summer holiday there is a specific date for you to cancel in writing.

Call/App 0651746686 for a trial lesson  vioolstudiodiana@gmail.com