Muziekgebouw Park Picnic

Sunday 7th November 12:00 hours until 13:30 hours

    Muziekgebouw Park is a great way to listen to music informally for the first time as well as a chance to get to know the lovely building. Muziekgebouw aan het Ij organises these picnic concerts in the entrance hall twice a year together with theater makers Milena Haverkamp (Veenfabriek) and Jochem van Tol (o k a p i). Fun for all music lovers especially families with children from 8 years old. Come and enjoy the music and of course, enjoy your own picnic that you bring along.  

       Vioolstudio Diana  Concert

      Pupils performing at our concert in The Chapel on 's-Gravelandseweg in Hilversum


Holidays Vioolstudio Diana

Autumn holiday          16-10-2021 / 24-10-2021
Christmas holiday      25-12-2021 / 09-01-2022
Spring holiday             19-02-2022 / 27-02-2022
May holiday                  23-04-2022 / 08-05-2022
Summer holiday          16-07-2022 / 28-08-2022

Christmas Concert 2021

Tuesday the 14th of December  at 16:15 hours

The Chapel 's Gravelandseweg Hilversum