Violin lessons near Kortenhoef as well

What I find very beautiful about Kortenhoef is the Old Church on Kortenhoefsedijk, the church is small and has a very intimate atmosphere. I have had a lot of enjoyment recording a series of CD's in the church with the Franciscus String Quartet, I also love playing concerts in this church. Art on the Dike is a music, literature, theater and visual arts foundation which is organised by volunteers. If you live in Kortenhoef you can take part in some of the Art on the Dike activities, who knows, after a course of violin lessons at Violin studio Diana, you might want to play a concert in the Kortenhoef Church.

A violin lesson is good for your health

Studies have proven that music and violin lessons have very positive health benefits. The left analytical rational side of the brain, and the right spacial and creative side are both vitalised by violin lessons.The left and the right hands are continuously occupied with different movements which works in a very stimulating way for the brain. Making music helps your memory, also research shows that students that take part in musical activities achieve better school results than students that aren't involved with music. All good reasons to take violin lessons at Violin studio Diana.

Experienced violin teacher

I give violin lessons in my studio which is separate from my house. You have the chance to take individual lessons or also with a chamber music group. I find it interesting to give violin lessons for all different ages and levels. Perhaps you played the violin years ago and you feel like having a go again, or you want to start playing at an older age, that's possible. You can also come to me if you need to prepare for an audition. There are so many different aspects of learning the violin, I focus on your specific goal and what you want to achieve and I work together with you until you have accomplished your goal. More information? Call me. 06 51746686, or send me a mail