Violin lessons near Laren

Come to Violin studio Diana for violin lessons if you live in Laren. Widely known as an artists village it was especially loved by artists as a place to live between the years 1880 and 1920. Philosophers and social reformers used to live in Laren. Art and culture were always in the foreground. Famous art collectors such as the married couple William and Anna Singer lived in Laren. The cultural tradition still continues to this day, and there are concerts which take place in the Singer Museum, perhaps you can take part in one of these concerts after taking violin lessons.

Organising violin lessons together

I enjoy taking  enough time and space to arrange the correct course of violin lessons. The suitable repertoire is very important as are technique and interpretation. I will work together with you until we have achieved the best result. Famous painters such as Mauve, Sluijters en Hart Nibbrig would be extremely proud if they were able to exhibit something so beautiful on canvas. Mondriaan and Gestel also lived in Laren for a while, they were modernists. I use a lot of different compositions when I give my violin lessons, old, and modern. I experience the feeling of listening to music as very similar to the feeling whilst looking at a painting, a landscape artist such as Mauve can also be expressed as music by feeling the colours and the atmosphere. Just like the painters of Laren, you can be near to nature if you make music and follow your heart.

Come for a trial lesson

The violin lessons take place very near Laren. I enjoy getting to know new students who want to start with violin lessons. You can find my violin studio near the A1 motorway just outside Laren on the Geuzenweg 218. Please feel free to pass by in order to feel the atmosphere of the studio and to talk about violin lessons. For more information you can contact me informally. 06 - 51 74 66 86