Violin lessons aren't far from Eemnes

Come for violin lessons at Violin studio Diana if you live in Eemnes. Eemnes has a very special open air theatre 'De Lieberg.' It's far away from the public road and hidden away in the forest. In the summer you can enjoy performances with orchestras such as the 'Music association the Gooi' or a theatre production. It's motivating for violinists that have just started with violin lessons to go and listen to an open air concert in a relaxed and free environment. Each year an Eemnes Culture Prize is awarded. The Eemneser Art Route attracts a lot of attention and it is a festive event. Members of the public can see diverse performing arts such as music , song and poetry along the route. For sure an event to look forward to with the idea that after taking violin lessons you could possibly join in.

Learn 'effective practicing' at Violin studio Diana

Many violinists study for their violin lessons in a way that costs a lot of unnecessary energy. Did you know that you can practice without your violin? The best tip for efficient study of your violin lesson material is, practice 'slowly.' Another pitfall is to continue repeating the same part of music that sounds very good, and to forget to touch the difficult part of the music. Imagine you want to work on a technical point with your right hand (bow hand) and you continue to repeat that exercise with out paying attention to what your left hand (finger board) is doing. Perhaps it's going really well with your right bow hand, but you haven't been paying attention to your left hand which has been out of tune all the time. You have just practiced playing out of tune! That means that you haven't been studying efficiently. Come to Violin studio Diana and I will help you further with violin lessons so that you can use your time effectively.

Balanced out violin method

You can learn fast and with a solid all round ability with a balanced out violin method in your violin lessons. Posture, bow technique, sight reading, vibrato and playing together. Take violin lessons at Violinstudio Diana and I will help you further. More information? Call me: 06 - 51 74 66 86 or send me a mail.