Violin lessons near Huizen

Come for violin lessons at Violin studio Diana when you live in Huizen. Do you feel inspired to make music? Then playing together during the violin lesson is is definitely something for you. You can learn to play the violin with joy with the right approach and methods. In Huizen there's the beautiful Gooimeer to get creative energy from, the sea has been a source of inspiration for years for many composers such as Mendelssohn, Debussy and Vaughan Williams.

A violin lesson is fun!

I find it important that violin lessons are engaging and interesting. I pay attention to the teaching material and make sure that there is something different for every week. Of course technique and musicality are essential, but there's nothing that can compare to the pure joy of playing together.

Sing with your violin

The violin imitates the human voice and in my opinion comes the nearest to the human voice out of all the other classical music instruments. I am a violin teacher that devotes a lot of energy to moulding the sound of the violin. The correct pressure of the bow on the string, different vibrato methods, a relaxed posture and a good listening ear all help to create a lovely sound. You learn about all of this in the violin lesson at Violinstudio Diana.

 Free trial lesson

(If you continue with lessons)

I really enjoy getting to know students in the free setting of a trial lesson. My violin studio next to my house has a calm harmonious atmosphere, it invites you to make beautiful music. I don't charge anything for a first violin lesson or 'trial' lesson. It's a good idea to ask questions during your first lesson so that you are able to get a good picture of how I will be able to support you and help you further. It's also the moment for the violin teacher to evaluate your abilities. I look forward to getting to know you. Send a WhatsApp 06-51746686, or e-mail