Come for violin lessons if you live in Loosdrecht

If you think of Loosdrecht you immediately think of water. Loosdrecht offers a huge amount of possibilities for water sport at all levels. All different kinds of sailing vessels are permitted on the Loosdrechtse Plassen, the opposite to a number of other protected waters. It is also possible to hire a boat in order to be able to give a small concert on the boat. This is great fun if you have had violin lessons and after a period of learning you have reached the point that you can play together with other musicians.

Relaxed with violin lessons

After a days sailing, what could be more wonderful than relaxing on a terrace at Loosdrecht and enjoying some music. Imagine that you have followed enough violin lessons to accomplish making a music recording with your music group, perhaps public on the Loosdrecht terraces will be listening to your music soon!

More choice

You can chose which kinds of music you would like to play the most and what is the most appropriate music piece for you to play, my first lesson is without any costs. Result orientated violin lessons are essential. However with this in mind still preserving pleasure and enthusiasm. I set various goals and I keep evaluating during the violin lesson. children learn in a playful way in the violin lesson, it's not necessary to have any knowledge of reading notes. In the beginning children learn in the violin lesson with colour plates and simple assignments. Adults can learn the violin at an older age without any problem. Adults learn differently from children so the process can even be faster. Being motivated and having the ability to listen with critical awareness do help if you want to have violin lessons as an adult. The violin doesn't only look good, but it can sound magnificent. With weekly violin lessons, perseverance and joy you will come very far. Come along to Violin Studio Diana for a free trial lesson. Call/App 06 51746686   vioolstudiodiana@gmail.com